Traveling through Costa Rica can be exasperatingly slow at times. You may think that as small as it is moving would be fast and easy. However, that is the wrong idea.

traveling through Costa RicaCosta Rica, don’t be deceived by its size! Traveling through Costa Rica can be as heavy as fascinating and a three hours ride can turn into a whole day traveling just by stopping at all the majestic views, and the friendly faces in the fruit stands.

Costa Rica is 51,100 Square Kilometers (19.730 mi²), a bit less than U.S. West Virginia and a bit more than Denmark.

However, this is only a figure.

And yes, you can see the dawn in the Caribbean Sea, ride for 6 hours and observe the dusk on the Pacific. Yes.

Nevertheless, don’t let this mislead you… traveling through Costa Rica is a slow-motion kind of thing if you desire to understand the country.

The reasons are the following

  1. Weather

This is a tiny country with a wide variety of climates. And the weather as weird as it can be may represent a problem for the drivers. Either because is blindingly foggy, or slippery, or there are landslides in the mountain roads.

This may happen all year round, not only in the rainy season.

(Don’t get it wrong! This also appears in the sunny season as North weather can also develop in that time of year pouring on top of the mountains.)

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2. Landscapes

traveling through Costa RicaWhen you are traveling through Costa Rica and from one point to the following, you will see astonishing variations in the scenery. There are very few regions where this wonder does not occur. Furthermore, this causes something else: Photo possibilities! Wherever! There is a shot in every curve!

Even if you are not driving, our guides and drivers are very suited to this and identify specific points where the photographs can be taken and are remarkable.

3. Friendliness of the people

When you are traveling through Costa Rica, you may want to check the small restaurants, the fruit stands and cafeterias (Known as “sodas”). You may still see oxcarts in some of the countryside roads. 

People will show you things, explain you flavors, aromas or ways to make their products, and get out of their own routes to get you to see a secret waterfall, a beautiful viewpoint or the oldest milestone of the place.

Never minimize their power to linger your trip. But, don’t refrain yourselves from these great possibilities to see more of Costa Rica!

  1. Diversity

traveling through Costa RicaIf there is one statement to represent Costa Rica is “diversity.” Be ready to see beautiful things on the roads! You might be observing several types of monkeys, the two kinds of sloths,  and groups of white-nosed coatimundis, plus different species of toucans and sumptuous colorful birds.

It is almost difficult not to see wildlife on the roads of Costa Rica.

Keep your camera at hand and your eyes open!

5. In the cities

Rush hour commences at 6:30 a.m. and ends around 9:00 a.m., and in the afternoons, it starts around 4:00 and ends around 6:30 p.m.  

  1. Shortcuts and side roads (Be cautious in the use of Waze!)

If you are driving yourself in Costa Rica streets can tend to be a labyrinth, and only locals recognize their way.

If you have your own driver, never underrate his mastery of understanding the side routes that none knows that may take you much quicker to your goal. (Or through a more scenic drive).

When you are driving: Don’t always believe Waze! It happens with a frequency that you end up without a signal in the middle of nothing. Just be careful. 

Better question the locals for directions! They do know!

To wrap it up:

If you are traveling through Costa Rica on your holiday, remember driving is part of the traveling! Make it worth it! Enjoy every minute on the roads of Costa Rica. They are as diverse as the country itself. 

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