These are some samples of Amazing Costa Rica packages.

Of course, all of them can be customized for you. 

We listen, that is one of our core values. We will listen to what do you want and especially to what you don’t want.

We use boutique operators and your wishes and dreams can become fantastic experiences.

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We are a team of passionate travel agents that believe that travel opens the mind and changes the World. We have been doing tours since the late 80’s, guiding, driving, organizing, reserving and knowing all the right people in the right places.

We truly believe that those who have a passion for travel, for outdoor adventure; nature, culture and fun will find Costa Rica to be their dreamland vacation destination, and we aim to make out of this, the experience of a life time.


Traveling abroad will always be an opportunity to discover other cultures and people, open minds and create a world of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

However, in a commercialized World, isn’t it great to get to know the Real thing? The small companies, the hard working people that condense the country in a smile.

We believe that an amazing Costa Rica vacation will allow you to unplug and allow nature, adventure and the Costa Ricans to give you a fresh recharge of  body, mind and heart. 

We offer unique, tailor-made vacations in Costa Rica

We want to talk to you. We want to know what you like, dislike and what are your expectations concerning the trip to Costa Rica.

We will take into consideration many factors such as budget, travel season, interests and expectations and use our expert’s eye, knowledge, experience, and contacts to help you create a memorable vacation.

Each vacation in Costa Rica that we design will be carefully crafted just for you and your travel companions

If you want, you can also browse “Our packages” section and start with these examples to create your own personalized Costa Rica vacation.

We believe in human diversity

We believe that each person has its own style, Some things you like, that others might not. Some experiences you enjoy, and some you want to live. We believe in creating each package for your specific needs and wishes.

Our sample itineraries

You choose whatever you like best, and we will fit it for you!


Costa Rica is the essence of nature, adventure, leisure, relax. All condensed. All magnificent.

A blend of the best in life for vacation

In a Costa Rica vacation, there are many opportunities to discover yourself in nature, adventure and leisure. It is a small country that has almost everything at a very close range.

There are two airports in Costa Rica, one in Liberia and another in Alajuela (near the capital city of San Jose), with wonderful connections to almost all the US destinations. Flying to Costa Rica from the USA is definitely a great option for families who don’t want to spend all their precious vacation time on airplanes, meaning, no jetlags!

Flying to Costa Rica from the USA is definitely a great option for anyone that just wants to be in vacation as soon as possible.

And of course, an amazing Costa Rica holiday involves rainforests, wildlife galore, beaches and volcanoes.  

An amazing Costa Rica vacation also implies getting outdoors and challenge yourself! Fly over the trips, flow on a river rapid, climb a waterfall! 

And of course it also involves the authentic Costa Rican thing! Schools, markets, food. Learning about everything! Natural history and marimba music, using a little bit Spanish and getting to know the friendly “Ticos”.

Amazing Costa Rica


We believe in travel as a way to open the mind for what the World can give you,

but beyond that, what you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

Take an extra step out of your comfort zone, and we will go the extra mile for you to deeply enjoy it.

Every traveler is unique

We all have different dreams, and what’s important for me, may not be as cool for you.

We believe in listening and putting your priorities first, at all times.

We are in Costa Rica

We are Costa Ricans, and we are raising children here. We will provide honest and transparent advise all the time.

We know our country

We’ve been in the travel industry for many years now – every place we recommend has been personally visited by us (and our kids).

We believe in human contact

We will make sure to keep your kids entertained but still offer you time to relax and unwind.


Costa Rica is a wonderful destination for singles, couples or families, and we can tell, as we are raising our children here!

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We offer unique, tailor-made vacations that cater to your family needs, ages, and interest, so you will find example programs in our site for couples, families or group itineraries.te.

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