Solo Female Travel Tips: A Guide


Amazing Costa Rica is a woman-owned and operated company. We are women, and we are expert travelers, with many seals in our passports and many memories of solo travel through amazing destinations. We have created this amazing Costa Rica Solo Women Travel Guide; please read on to learn all the useful tips you can use to travel safely and happily.

Traveling as women by ourselves goes way beyond going from one place to the next; it supports our empowerment, independence, and a sense of freedom and autonomy.

In spite of all the challenges it may carry, solo female travel is a powerful experience that reminds you how you can achieve everything you like. It is a witness to our bravery, freedom, and intelligence. And, over all, it will show us to value our friends networks and all the remote help we get to have fun and be safe.

1. Use a travel agency

Travel agencies are so underrated! And when you go for a travel agent, all you are doing is getting someone who knows the destination much better than you ever will. And it really doesn’t cost more, as travel agents work for commission from the suppliers.

Your budget won’t be affected in either way, and commonly, a travel agent can save you money.

Plus! You will be taken care of in every detail, and your trip will not be controlled but checked at all times to make sure you are safe and happy.

Amazing Costa Rica is a great choice to visit this fantastic country, but wherever you go, a travel agent will support you and your independence.

2. Stay at a hotel

Apartments, houses, and home hosted rooms are alright if you are not traveling by yourself, but the risks are much higher in these places as security is not a priority for such residencies.

But if you are by yourself, a hotel room is much safer. Not only are there surveillance cameras all over these places, but you can always count on the staff to help you in any way.

Another possibility, if you are into backpacking, is to go to hostels. Try to get a private room and share time with other fellow travelers who can organize shared trips and transportation.

3. Avoid going alone after dark, especially if you are in a remote area

In Costa Rica, it is quite easy to find isolated places where you may want to go to a restaurant or have a drink. Don’t! If you are going somewhere at night, make sure your hotel staff gets you a responsible and known driver for you. These communities are small, and everybody knows everyone. Go to the hotel recommendations.

Overall, don’t risk yourself by walking by the side of the road after night. Never mind how close a place is.

4. Avoid Excess

Keep a safe distance from alcohol  and drugs.    We have all heard stories of ambushes with drugs and heavy drinking that end up in disasters for women by themselves. Plus, if you are in Costa Rica, you will have to suffer a hangover the next day in the midst of great adventures and relaxing paradises.

5. On paper

Keep a paper note of your stay address and telephone number in your purse or pocket for easy return home. If the phone is stolen, you will have immediate access by  having it with you on paper.

6. Hide your phone

Keep your phone concealed while walking to avoid pickpocketing.

7. Separate items

Don’t carry your cards with your phone, separate important items.

8. Trust your instinct

We usually see beyond what we think we do. There are small signs and red flags. Follow them and don’t risk yourself!

9. Ask your travel agent about cultural norms and local laws.

10. Join Social Media groups

Join social communities dedicated to women traveling solo on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit for valuable tips and inspiring stories.

11. Pack smartly

  • Travel light, ensuring easy movement without heavy luggage.
  • Choose basic clothing that can be stacked and used together. Clothing that may be mixed and combined to create various looks.
  • If possible carry a second phone for a local Sim card.
  • Carry multichargers and voltage converters.
  • Bring a portable door lock for extra security.
  • Check out our packing list Our Packages

12. Practice Adaptability

  • Travel rarely goes according to plan, and the ability to adapt can be empowering.

13. Do your homework

  • Research visa requirements, budget, and local attractions to ensure the trip runs smoothly.
    • Download offline maps of the destination and pin your accommodation as soon as you arrive.
    • Stay informed about local risks and tourist scams to boost your self-assurance and comfort level.

14. Plan your first night well

  • If you are traveling with Amazing Costa Rica, don’t worry about this, we will welcome you at the airport with all needed information.
  • If you are not traveling with us:
    Plan your first night well, knowing where you will be sleeping and how to get there.
    • Research the mode of transport and the cost of local transportation: public buses, taxis, and Uber.

15. Don’t tell anyone where you are staying or your room number

Your hotel room is your safe place. We do not recommend inviting anyone unless you know them from before your trip.

16. Dress appropriately

  • In general, Costa Rica is very open minded. However, it is important to take into account the way you see other people dressing. In the city of San Jose in particular, and mainly because of the weather, women cover up a bit more than you will see on the beach.
  • Be aware of the culture and what is socially acceptable if you are volunteering, going to a market, or something similar.
  • You should not wear anything that will draw attention to you, such as revealing tops, t-shirts, or small shorts and skirts. Even though in Costa Rica, male harassment is frowned upon, it is quite common, and it’s easy to get in trouble if you poke at the Macho Men culture, which is still prevailing in some areas.

17. Confidence is key

Keep up your empowerment levels. Showing confusion and being lost on the streets will attract attention that you don’t want.

18. Married? Single?

Don’t talk about your personal situation, and lie when needed. You will find that the staff in restaurants, bars, hotels, and tours are very friendly, and they may ask casually who are your travel companions, and it may call their attention to say you are traveling by yourself.

At times, wearing a wedding ring or saying “My husband, boyfriend, or brother is at the hotel” may get you out of unwanted harassment.

19. Keep your values and yourself safe

Use the safe at your hotel. Keep a bag for valuables; include your passport and jewelry if you brought any. Carry a copy of your passport with your information page.

Keep your health information with you at all times: Allergies or intolerances.

20. Open to other travelers, especially other solo women

Traveling solo is the best way to meet new people, and usually people traveling are very nice and relaxed and open up to meeting other travelers and guests. Always remember to trust your instincts and be cautious when sharing personal information with strangers.

21. Keep a friend in alert for you

Tell your plans to your friends or family every day. If you are going on a tour or traveling from one place to another tell someone. If you are going to a restaurant or a bar, tell someone where. It can even be your local travel agent. Consider that this may save your life.


Traveling solo as a woman can be an incredibly rewarding, perspective-broadening experience. While extra precautions are necessary, the empowerment and self-confidence gained make it worthwhile. Focus on traveling smart – do your research, trust your instincts, and don’t take unnecessary risks. Lean on local resources like tour guides and hotel staff when unsure. And don’t forget to enjoy all the beauty, culture, and adventure your destination has to offer. With some thoughtful preparation and an open, aware mindset, you’ll return home with inspiring stories, transformed perspectives, and a renewed sense of strength. Are you ready to book an Amazing Costa Rica vacation? Send us a note and let’s make it happen!



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