About Mercedes, our founder

Mercedes Tobella, founder, and owner of Amazing Costa Rica has been in the Costa Rica travel industry for decades working in different positions and covering almost all niches of the business, getting to know it from nearly all perspectives.


This creates expertise in Costa Rica that benefits, overall, her clients.


This is her story in her own words:

My friends call me Meche. I started working in tourism in 1989 when the travel industry was just starting, and we had to send reservations by telex. Costa Rica was not the hot spot that it is now and everything had to be done without the support of a great hotel infrastructure or professional tour operators.


I have seen tourism in Costa Rica growing and thriving.


Having worked in the most remote and beautiful regions in this blessed country, gave me the experience to understand and work together with the rainforest lodges to get fantastic personalized experiences for my passengers.


Working in sales allowed me to know in person mostly all hotels, facilities, and tours in all regions, and this is my main tool to offer my clients… I do know Costa Rica, from inside out.


And then, the experience in incentives travel, that corporative sector taught me about the organization of unique, magnificent experiences for any passenger that travels with Amazing Costa Rica.


And then, of course, the turning point of my life: The birth of my daughter, gave me the wings to create -with my mother’s help- my own transportation company: Transtobella.

Transtobella has taught me the discipline and the efficiency that go behind the stage for a vacation to be a smile that can last decades.


Finally, as I always dreamed of having my tour operator, I ran into my old friend Tony, whom I had not seen for more than ten years and decided to put together this adventure.

Tony was a great tour guide for several years throughout Costa Rica, and then married a girl from Boston and decided to live the Massachusetts way. So we got together and decided to put together a joint venture that is allowing us to get to the people that dream about Costa Rica and letting them see it through our eyes.


I believe in Costa Rica… you see? This is one of the most magnificent countries in the World. Its people, its diversity, its infinite beauty. It is so big! As small as it is! It has so much to see in such little region of the planet.

I am proud of Costa Rica. And I want you to see it from this love, tenderness, and beauty, and let it touch your soul. It will change your life, I promise.


Costa Rica changes lives, I just design the route to the heart of it.