My name is Antonio Garita, but my friends call me Tony. I was born in the province of Limon located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, but because of job relocation, my parents moved to the capital San Jose.

Nevertheless, by the age of 10 years old, I had the opportunity to move to Quebec, Canada with my aunt and uncle to continued my education. There I had the opportunity to go to school and learn English and French. The years went by fast, I was working in the industry of manufacturing garments as a patternmaker, but circa 1992 the Canadian economy was in an economic resection. I decided to take a sabbatical year in Costa Rica because many of my friends visit it.

My plan was to work as a tour guide because I found out about the need of bilingual people. I didn’t know anything about Costa Rica, but I interviewed for the position as a tour guide in e local tour operator Otec Tours, they were willing to give me the opportunity to work while training with their existing tour guides. One of the staff of Otec Tours was Mercedes Tobella, we became good friends and much later in time, partners in this Amazing Costa Rica adventure.

I was so excited working as a tour guide, and the years went by, never went back to Canada, only to visit. Actually, I decided to take a formal education as a tour guide because tourism was becoming a very important industry for the national economy, and it was required to be certified by the National Institute of Tourism (ICT).

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t planning to stay in Costa Rica but I fall in love with the job the country my people, then again, my plans were changed once again when I met my wife in 2007, and before I knew two years later I got married in Michigan, Detroit, because my wife is from Detroit. My wife was living in New York for the last 12 years where she went to medical school. Kristin (my wife) got a job in Boston Massachusetts in Beth- Israel Medical center as a PC, so I just follow her.

I worked as a medical interpreter for some time, but before we knew we were pregnant with twin boys, so we decided that I will stay home with the twins (staging home dad) or as I like it better “Super Dad”. In the main time, I decided to go back to school to get a college degree, still working on it!!!! almost there. Anyways, when the boys turn 3 years old we got pregnant again with a beautiful baby girl. Three children did slow down my plans of graduating.

Thanks to social media “Facebook” I reconnect with my dear friend Mercedes Tobella “Meche. We decided to work together and set up a travel agency, at her end in Costa Rica she is been doing the operational part and I will work in sales here in America. We had been very successful sending small groups and families to Costa Rica.

In summary, the experience in the tourism industry has been an amazing journey, and glad to be back, only this time as a spoken person, talking about my favorite subject Costa Rica. I know when I talk about the beauty of the people and nature of Costa Rica I get very passionate, Is good to be back!!!