I have been walking in the rainforests of Costa Rica since I started back in the early nineties. And there are few experiences as rewarding as walking slowly and in silence through these magnificent life systems.

They are rich and diverse and simply beautiful, but even beyond that, the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica have taught me five lessons that help in times of happiness and times of distress.

Let me share them with you:

rainforests of Costa RicaPatience

The rainforests of Costa Rica are patient

In a time when intensity seems to be a romantic adventurous idea, the rainforest seems to have something to say about the word.

There are very few places on Earth (If any) as intense as a tropical rainforest. So many things happening at the same time! From the small mosquito flight to the loud howling of monkeys at the distance, the jungle is, intense.

However, take your time and watch it. Simply watch it.

Sometimes it is amazingly silent. Sometimes, unmovable.

Even boring at times.

And the reason why is that everything in the rainforest happens, well! When it happens! The fruit does not fall from the tree until it is absolutely ripe and heavy enough as for gravity to be stronger than stem.

But even beyond that, the tree does not force the fruit to fall. It does not shake it or talk to it about leaving home. It simply knows that things happen when the time is right.

And the time is right when all involved are ready: The soil, the seeds, the weight, etc. Not a minute before.

rainforests of Costa RicaResilience

The rainforests of Costa Rica are resilient.

There are very few things in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica as eloquent as the clearing created by a gigantic tree that has fallen.

You see pretty much as in our own lives, the soil of the forest is simply filled with seeds. All types of seeds! Seeds of the huge trees and seeds of small bushes. As a huge tree falls, hundreds, if not thousands of plants emerge responding to the call of light and rain that can now shine.

A walk in the rainforests of Costa Rica teaches us that sometimes comfort zones where we feel safe and happy, amazing characters that we have, beautiful masks that we hold dear have to fall in order to create new and magnificent new roads for us.

Resilience is about seeing how this always happens when something big falls apart. Life always comes back.

rainforests of Costa RicaUnattachment to form

There is a natural cycle that I love. Let me tell you about the story of a calcium particle:

Once upon a time, there was a molecule of calcium as part of a bromeliad leaf on a forest in Monteverde.  The molecule was in one of the inner cells of the leaf, and as the leaf started to transform, the little calcium molecule now formed part of a bromeliad flower.

One day wind blew and the plant fell to the bottom of the forest floor, and the calcium molecule passed to be part of a cricket passing by, and then of a bird that ate the cricket.  Soon it was flying above all the trees, but then… Bam!

It became bird poop and ended again on a tree branch, and a bromeliad root, and its leaf.

Life is always changing in form, but its essence remains the same. We are always changing in form, but our essence is eternal, infinite and beyond form.

We suffer when we attach to the way we believe things should be, and do not accept the way they are. Unavoidably.

The rainforest teaches us to dance in the change of form. And let us know that what we are is the essence that never changes.

rainforests of Costa Rica


One of the strongest theories about human evolution and progress nowadays is that it was not -and has never been- the strongest who succeeds. It is the capacity to thrive in teamwork that has made humanity to succeed throughout time.

Interdependence is the capacity that we have to succeed as individuals depending ones on the others in a healthy nonparasitic way. And you see that all over the place in the rainforest, everything is interconnected!

As the bird depends on the tree for its nourishment, the tree depends on the bird for the reproduction of its seeds. Everything is useful and generous. As it knows that there is no waste and no possible loss ever!

Right now, we are all doing what we are doing as a whole. We are never a part. We are a whole, doing our job, talking, helping, sleeping, at the right time and the right place, always.

We tend to think as individuals. But that is not true. We are not, or ever will be individuals. We belong to greater than us, and we are “greater than us” for the three trillion cells that inhabit and conform to our body.

We are the music notes of a symphony we all hear, and only a few notices. Just play on! And have fun!

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rainforests of Costa RicaCommunication

And if it is all interdependent, connection, of course, is indispensable. When you walk in the rainforests of Costa Rica, just close your eyes briefly and feel the forest.

You may feel the vibration of life in it or feel nothing at all. Never mind, every time you breathe, you are communicating with everything on Earth and certainly with the forest around.

Breathe its scents, its microscopic debris, its beauty. Put attention to it. Put your senses into the tropical rainforest and you may be rewarded with nature’s love and impressive innocence.

Communicate with the forest in silence and with care, look at it, spend hours if you can, simply looking at its beauty and magnificence.

Feel its connection, its love, its tenderness. Its strength and passion.

Let it trespass you. When you walk in a tropical rainforest… I mean it, be silent, inside and outside. Hear to what it says to you. It is speaking, always.

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