Wellness tourism in Costa Rica

Wellness tourism in Costa Rica promotes a stronger connection with yourself and embraces healthy activities while traveling. Even though wellness tourism is related to higher travel spences, there’s a lot to cover if you wish to learn what this recent term intends in the travel industry.

The number of travelers overseeing foreign countries as a possible destination for a healthy experience is rising fast. Some travel entities believe this is the industry’s fastest-growing sector.

The US is currently the most significant wellness tourism market by far, followed by Germany, but China is not so left behind.

Wellness and medical tourists are not the same. Wellness travelers are proactive in improving or preserve health and quality of life, often focusing on prevention. While medical tourists generally travel to get treatment for a diagnosed illness or condition. There should be no doubt that wellness tourism in Costa Rica benefits a lot from our healthcare quality; extra efforts should be put into being more organized and taking advantage of modern technology to improve different processes.

Costa Rica´s positioned in the 14th place of the global ranking in the medical tourism index.

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There was a relevant event in which business owners, professionals, and investors in health and wellness tourism discussed related matters at the 2015 edition of the National Health Tourism Forum, ExpoMED 2015. Their website breaks down, which are the most developed regions for practices of wellness tourism in Costa Rica:

  • West Central Valley
  • Arenal Volcano
  • Rincon de la Vieja Volcano
  • Miravalle Volcano
  • Osa Peninsula
  • Guanacaste region
  • Central Pacific coast

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Wellness tourism in Costa Rica

Tour operators realize that wellness is a product they should offer, yet many don’t know how to attract and serve the growing public of health-conscious customers. To please this audience, agencies require to have the training and promotional opportunities as well as guidance in designing fitted group tours and tailor-made trips. Travel agents are attracted to wellness travel because it is personally and professionally rewarding.

First Costa Rica International Congress of Wellness and Spa was held from August 31 to September 2, 2018, in La Fortuna, San Carlos. The main idea was to consolidate this brand within the national tourist from an area identified worldwide by its thermal waters, as a wellbeing destination.

As part of the travel industry development, most travel entities throughout the national territory are creating extra measures to recreate pleasant physical spaces with a differentiated natural offer to ease the level of comfort.

The Pura Vida Wellness Strategy was also launched to contribute a market looking for activities, such as Meditation, Reflexology, yoga, thalassotherapy, flotation therapy, therapeutic massages, thermal water treatments, consumption of organic products, outdoor sports, among others.

According to the Global Wellness Institute and their definition of wellness tourism, every place has a unique offer, Costa Rica, along with Belize, specializes in “Rainforest Spa Retreats”. 

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Wellness tourism in Costa Rica

It’s clear that Costa Rica has been recognized internationally as a wellness destination; the country still aims to expand the offer. The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) is investing through training, workshops, and discussions to improve visitor services and professionalize the sector. As per ICT data, tourism today is a global market of 563,000 million dollars, and this sector spends approximately 130% more than average tourists. America and Europe dominate this market.

Vacation time is the perfect chance to rest from work stress and daily living; a wellness rounded vacation should focus on the objective of improving personal health. Travelers are becoming more aware of the value associated with a genuine wellness vacation that is organized with a specific goal and carefully researched to ensure the right fit before booking.

Have in mind that while making the conscious decision to travel for a purpose related to one’s state of health and sense of wellbeing. You should consider following educational programs that share ways to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives. It can also include volunteering experiences because giving back is just another way of appreciating life. 

Patients Beyond Borders, the US-based international medical travel publisher, say the world’s top destinations are (in alphabetical order): Costa Rica, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States. 

A lot of wellness itineraries may come in the form of on-site therapists, personal trainers, or wellness practitioners. However, Hotels are also embracing trending activities for travelers with different tastes by offering ‘wellness rooms,’ energy treatments, and meditation accompanied by aromatheraphy.


Wellness tourism in Costa Rica

G Adventures, a travel agency that specializes in packaged tours, launched its wellness program this present year. And with data to back it up, it makes sense for travel companies to move in this direction. Wellness has become a dominant consumer value and lifestyle driver, and this is profoundly changing behavior, choices, and spending decisions.

If you plan to implement a related service on your business, have in mind that wellness travelers are very often a part of a wealthy stratum and likely to shell out more money than regular vacationers in exchange for higher standards.

Wellness travel means stepping out of a comfort zone and pushing boundaries. And most people realize it is a life-enriching experience. Visitors choose destinations not for the types of experiences they can gain, but for new knowledge or skills they can learn, new challenges they take on.

Our bodies, minds, and souls require and deserve time to relax, restore, cleanse, strengthen, and realign. Having busy lives demand a lot of time and energy out of us. To be the best versions of ourselves, we need to treat ourselves individually with love and nourishment. Wellness retreats are an excellent option for this, and Costa Rica has fantastic options at your disposal.

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