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Why use Amazing Costa Rica as your Costa Rica travel agency?

Right now, in the traveling world, there are tons of possibilities for designing your own vacation. You get to choose your accommodations and activities, and depending on what you
The best Costa Rican beaches

The best Costa Rican beaches: An Amazing Guide (Part I)

The best Costa Rican beaches offer stunning views, excellent accommodations, well-organized touring options, and comfortable transportation. The best beach destinations in Costa Rica are not the ones that we,
Costa Rican Food

Exploring Costa Rican Cuisine, an adventure for the senses

Costa Rican cuisine is not only underrated but almost unknown. Think about this: one of the things that will strike you first thing in the morning in Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

How to get to the Arenal Volcano and when to go. The Amazing Costa Rica Guide

Arenal Volcano is one of the most recognized destinations in Costa Rica. It is not only about the volcano, which crowns the region and can be seen from miles
Solo Female Travel

Solo Female Travel Tips: A Guide

Amazing Costa Rica is a woman-owned and operated company. We are women, and we are expert travelers, with many seals in our passports and many memories of solo travel
Volcán Arenal Costa Rica

The Amazing Costa Rica Destinations Guide: Where to go after Tortuguero?

The Amazing Costa Rica Destinations Guide: Where to go after Tortuguero? Turtle season is coming! The green season is marked by amazing downpours, an infinite array of green shades
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The Amazing Costa Rica Packing List

A good and well-summarized Costa Rica packing list is an indispensable tool to have. As the country is so varied and there are different sorts of climates and adventures,
Tortuguero Costa Rica

Why is Tortuguero the first destination on many Costa Rica vacation itineraries?

On nature-oriented Costa Rica itineraries, you will probably always see Tortuguero as the first place to go. As remote and isolated as it is, it’s a prime spot for
Seasons Costa Rica

Costa Rica month-to-month guide Dry Season

Welcome to the Amazing Costa Rica month-to-month guide. In this post, we are creating a bulleted list of what to know and what to see in every single month.
Costa Rica Travel Guide Month-to-Month

Costa Rica Travel Guide Month-to-Month: The Rainy Season

At Amazing Costa Rica, we always think about the visitors that come to Costa Rica, whether they travel with us or not. This Costa Rica travel guide, month-to-month, will