Why Us

Why Amazing Costa Rica?

We are a team of hard working, Costa Rican travel advisors, with more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality and travel business.

  • We truly believe that those who have a passion for travel, for outdoor adventure; nature, culture and fun will find Costa Rica to be their dreamland vacation destination; and we aim to make out of this, the experience of a life time.
  • Traveling abroad will always be an opportunity to discover other cultures and people, creating a world of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. We want to be a part of this trip planning.
  • We offer unique tailor-made vacations. We want to talk to you. We want to know what you like, dislike and what your expectations of this trip are. We will take into consideration many factors such as budget, travel season, interests and preferences to help you create a memorable vacation.
  • Each trip that we designed will be carefully crafted just for you and your travel companions. If you want, you can also browse “Our packages” section, and start with these examples to create your own personalized vacation.

Beyond be travel agents, we are experience designers, a new way to handle trips in Costa Rica. We want our visitors to build their customized trip together with us, one that allows them to turn their dreams into reality and make their trip to Costa Rica, THE journey of their life.

Today, traveling is no longer a simple pleasure and has become a need to disconnect from the daily routine, and find in this new place we visit, an emotion that endures in our memories for many years.

Discover local flavors, be treated with passion and emotion, improve your health and promote best practices in ecotourism to ensure the fulfillment of your dreams is what drives our existence.


We know our country

We’ve been in the travel industry for 30 years now – we have personally visited each and every place we recommend.

We care for you

We are not just here to book a trip for you. We know how valuable your time and budget are. We want you to invest on a trip that will provide fond memories for many years to come.

Every traveler is unique

We don’t offer fixed programs or group departures. The trip we create is for you and your companions. We will consider your special needs to create the trip of your lifetime.

We are in Costa Rica

We were born and raised in Costa Rica. We will provide honest and transparent advice all the time.