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Thinking about moving to Costa Rica? Or are you considering a side business with a second home for vacationers to rent?
Think no further! Costa Rica is one of the most ideal countries to invest, buy property, retire, or simply create a second opportunity in a friendlier and warmer place.

Real Estate Scouting Vacations

Why take a Real Estate Scouting Vacation with us?

One of the experiences we face when looking to buy a piece of property abroad is “not knowing.” We are full of questions but don’t really know who to trust with the answers. Sometimes we go for known names with unknown employees, but yes, a good brand is a safe gateway.
But, is it really? Have you ever noticed how lots of the realtors don’t even know what they are selling? Or just see it from their business point of view?
They are not locals; they just know a bit more than you.
But here in Costa Rica, a fairly small but incredibly diverse country, we do know our country. The beautiful, the good, and the ugly.

At Amazing Costa Rica, we can offer you a different opportunity to see Costa Rica on a trip that will be partly business and scouting and partly fun and leisure, visiting the most remarkable places near the areas where the best properties are.

This vacation will help you get acquainted with Costa Rican people, businesses, and especially with us, Amazing Costa Rica. We can both use this time to get acquainted, see properties, and for us to sharpen the pencil to get you the best options in the country.

On the other side, you will have a chance to get to know us and see our values, mission, and vision at work through our experience.
We take care of everything you need, from the moment you decide to see Costa Rica as a possible second home. We will always provide you with transparent assistance and the utmost support for everything you need in Costa Rica.

Amazing Costa Rica Real Estate

The way we see Real Estate

For us, clients are not people alone; for us, business consists of relationships we build from good will and efficiency, and we are here to offer you that. We want you to know us well because we are so much more than just realtors!

We are locals, from a well-known, respected family; we have contacts; and most importantly, we act on good will. We also know which are the best places and the advantages of some areas over others.

Get to know Amazing Costa Rica! We can be your right hand in Costa Rica in the most transparent way.

Why move to Costa Rica? 

Did you know Costa Rica is consistently among the best retirement places in the world? Not only because Costa Rica is well known for being a happy country with a pace that lives time in a different way, but also because even though the pace in Costa Rica is easy and joyful, its education and health levels allow it to be efficient and punctual mostly all the time. 

Not perfect; we are still in the tropics, but close enough for you to find it cool.  These are just some of the well known magazines that are in love with the idea of retiring to a place like Costa Rica.

International Living Magazine: Costa Rica was named the “best place to retire in 2024” by this well-known lifestyle magazine. The ranking is based on a comprehensive study that evaluates various factors, including cost of living, healthcare, and climate.

Leisure Magazine: In a piece by Stacey Leasca, Costa Rica was recommended as the best place to retire in 2024. The article likely delves into the lifestyle and benefits of retiring in Costa Rica, considering the magazine’s focus on travel and leisure topics. (2024). This is the best place to retire in 2024, according to a new report. Travel + Leisure.

‌Travel + Leisure: This renowned travel magazine selected Costa Rica as the ideal destination to visit in 2024, which includes considerations for those looking to retire in the country. The publication praises Costa Rica for its rich culture and the peaceful nature of its people.


Now, let us locals tell you a bit about this amazing place 

Have you ever been in Costa Rica? 

Costa Rica, as any other country in the world, is an experience. 

What you will experience in this small yet huge country will probably be unforgettable even before you arrive at the airport.  On your flight, if you are coming during the day, Costa Rica’s luscious green will be the sight that surprises you from the moment you start flying over our territory. 

Costa Rica is green and beautiful. It is so full of mountains and valleys that it seems that paradise was modeled after this stunning little corner of the world. With two oceans and one of the highest biodiversities in the world (especially for such a small country), wherever you are in Costa Rica, you are close to a nature preserve or national park. And you are as well, very close to the ocean, whichever of them. 

This is a country where we are used to seeing wildlife in our backyards, but we also have optical fiber high speed internet, affordable healthcare, and good education. 

Not having an army gives us a sense of safety and stability, which is hard to reach in the modern world. We believe in peace. It is somehow in our DNA. The Costa Rican population, mostly all of it now, has lived all our lives without an army and has been used to a government that somehow cares about the population enough for Costa Rica to be considered among the happiest places in the world since many years ago. 

Peace for us also means peace with our planet and all its living creatures. We believe in sustainability as a part of our culture and history. We are taught to conserve from the moment we are born. In school and in university, sustainability is our thing. 

This means that beaches will always be public, and the huge national parks will remain huge. Conservation for us is like Peace, a part of our DNA. The beautiful landscapes in front of your new home will be there forever! 

And there are more reasons! The weather is as diverse as the country itself! You can choose between living in the mountains (with an ocean view!) or having your property right by the waves with a rainforest in your backyard. We make the impossible possible here! 

Costa Rica’s developing economy and advantageous tax benefits for expatriates also make it a great option to start investing in the country’s innovative business spots.  As well as this thriving country offers fantastic bilingual education for kids from all over the world. 

So, if you are into moving into paradise, why wait? 

Give us a call, and let’s start scouting!